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We are located in a place that has been blessed by God, in the magical nature of the Arcadian land, in the beautiful seaside settlement of Poulitra, 8km southeast of Leonidion, the capital of the municipality of southern Kinouria, in the east coast of the Peloponnese.

Like a miniature of Greece, in this corner of Arcadia, in a few square kilometers you have the opportunity to see it all. Beautiful small bays and picturesque harbors , clear pebbled beaches and rocky shores, rich vegetation with wild beauty from the mountainous Parnona and deep blue Aegean waters, small churches, historical monasteries, impressive neoclassical grand tower houses that travel you to another era.

Lastly, stunning traditional seaside as well as mountainous villages, in idyllic locations, where life flows in a relaxed and friendly manner, greet their visitors upon their wandering, completing the image of the miscellaneous and proud Arcadian land.



Poulithra is a beautiful seaside tourist village, built amphitheatrically on the edges of Parnona, in an amazing natural environment with lots of green and a view of the deep view waters of the Myrtoan Sea. It is an ideal choice for relaxing holidays combining nature and the sea.

The name Poulithra is an alteration of the ancient greek word polihni. The ancient small town of Polihni is mentioned by the great historian Polivio and is placed on modern day Poulithra. Markings of the location of ancient Polihni are found on and around Vigla, the triangular hill that rises above the village’s beach.

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Poulithra is made up of two districts. The seaside district with the beautiful pebbled beach with its clear blue water, the picturesque harbour with its taverns , cafe-bars and coffee shops next to the sea, as well as the rented accommodation and hotels which accommodate many visitors period. There is also the upper district with its white washed houses and flower filled yards, the beautiful estates built in the traditional architecture of the area and the church. Finally, special mention should be given to the chapel of Saint George at the edge of the bay, to the right, which you can reach by boat (or on foot from the path next to the sea). From the churches courtyard you can admire a view of the sea and the village.



Let’s take a look at the stunning pebbled beaches of the area where you can enjoy unique summer moments of easy and relaxation.

Poulithra Beach

A few steps away from your rooms you can enjoy the beautiful beach of the village with its crystal clear water, small pebbles and the shade offered by the beach. The beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while after your swim the shops next to the sea are ideal for coffee or tasty seafood delicacies.

Saint George

The turquoise water, fine pebbles, the rich vegetation that almost touches the sea, the wild beauty and the known chapel on the edge make up a dreamy scenery. There continuous, very beautiful and quiet beaches that are unorganized ,at a close distance to the village.


At a small distance (4km) from Poulithra we find beautiful Plaka, the harbor of Leonidio, a small seaside settlement with two lovely organized pebbled beaches on both sides of its harbor. The image of the harbor is very scenic and reminds you of an island especially in the afternoon when the taverns set up their tables at the edge of the harbor.


A semi-circular bay with turquoise water, big white pebbles and some green hillsides on its edges. A beautiful and quiet beach around 45 minutes south of Poulithra, which offers a special place for travellers looking for a peaceful sanctuary.



In combination with the unique experiences that the area offers, the escapes we recommend, will fill your time creatively, for those of you searching for adventure and interested in knowing the area they are visiting in depth.


The heart of Tsakonia and the capital of South Kinouria. It is built at the foot of an immense red mountain slope and at the start of a fertile valley which is crossed by the river Dapnona. Leonidio has been characterised as a historic settlement, with historical monuments, manors, towers (such as the Tsikalioti Tower) which were built before 1800 and neoclassical buildings built in the middle of the 19th century.

The Monastery of Elona

Almost in the middle of the route from Leonidio to the village of Kosma at a mountain pit of an imposing red mountain slope, dominates one of the most scenic and well known places of worship of the Peloponnese, the monastery of Elona, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. According to tradition, it dates back to the start of the 16th century and its icon which the work of the Evangelist Lucas is considered.


A beautiful traditional settlement, built on the southeast fringes of Parnona at an altitude of 1150 m. in a lush green environment with abundant water and magnificent fir forest. The square of the village is a major attraction and meeting point covered with gigantic plane trees (which were planted in 1883), the shops with the traditional sweets and the tasty delicacies, the beautiful church of Saint Anargyroi which dominates in the centre of the square and its three lovely fountains from which water flows continuously and are found behind the churches alter.

Palaiohori -Saint Vasilios - Platanaki

Small picturesque villages on the slopes of Parnona, in an exquisite natural environment of forests of fir trees , cedar trees and centenarian plane trees and springs of running water that flow into the creeks.

Peleta - Amigdalia - Pigadi - Tsitalia

Splendid villages built on the plateau of Parnona with two storey stone houses built according to the characteristic local architecture, picturesque squares and nice taverns to enjoy local delicacies. In all of these villages you have the opportunity to experience one of the many festivals which are organised particularly in the summer months.



How to get here

From Athens by means of Korinthos – Argos – Astros – Leonidio

Follow the motorway Athens, Korinthos towards Tripoli. At Sterna exit (about 25 km. after the Korinthos – Tripoli toll station) you exit and head towards Argos / Nafplio. At Argos you continue towards Milous Argos and in continuation you follow the seaside road of Kiveri, Astros, Tiros, Leonidio, Plaka Leonidiou and finally Poulithra.


From Athens about 215 km. – 3 hours
From Argos / Nafplio 85 km. – 1 hour 30 minutes
From Tripoli 95 km – 1 hour 30 minutes
From Monemvasia 83 km – 1 hour 40 minutes

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